last modified: 4/2024

Brad Garton Music

There are three sections below -- the first contains a listing, along with mp3-encoded versions when possible, of most of the music 'pieces' I have done since returning to graduate school in 1983; the second has links to algorthmic/interactive music applications I have written; the third is a set of links to earlier music work I had done in Indiana back in the Olden Days. One big segment missing is some of the early improvisational music I did. Such is the nature of that particular beast, I suppose. There are a few recordings available in the Open Space cassette series (they may be out-of-print now). I was an early producer of the Open Space recordings. Most of that improvisational music was done just for the moment, however. Life can be fun!

Within each section, the listings are generally chronological, starting with the most recent material. I thought about doing some kind of "aesthetic" organization, but I'm just not that kinda guy. So the pieces are all semi-jumbled, hopefully this will make for interesting listening. I'm sure that I have missed pieces, probably because a) I didn't have a good recording, b) I forgot about the piece, or c) it was just too darned embarassing to put on-line. I hope you enjoy the music!

Additional note: Probably the largest projects I've been doing lately are my three "book" applications: and improvisational laptop work, mainly in the "PGT" group: Although the PGT web site doesn't link in all the material we've done, there is a lot of music there. It's on-going, with new music being added as we do it. UPDATE: I'm also using the PGT site to stash additional improvisitional work done with 'extended' PGT ensembles, PGT+Darwin Grosse, PGT+Dan Trueman, etc. And also combinations with people like me and Karl Fury, or just me and Terry, or me and Gregory alone. Essentialy the "PGT" site is the link-page for the improvisational laptop work in general I've been doing.

Big Sabbatical Project! You might notice that there isn't much straightahead music or software listed for 2018-2019. I was on sabbatical, living in our new home on Whidbey Island, and the Big Sabbatical Project was to integrate RTcmix into the Unity VR/AR/XR development environment. At present, the project I did using this framework isn't finished, but here is a link to the 'beta' version: Lots of music in there! It's best if you can experience it with VR gear.


longwaves   [2024]
unhinged   [2024]
longclusters   [2024]
vcvetudes   [2023]
summer-seq-modular2023   [2023]
summer-modular2023   [2023]
modudrones   [2022]
republicans   [2022]
NN   [2022]
elizabeth retire   [2022]
Happy Home   [2021]
washaway   [2020]
Coronavirus Pieces   [2020]
Social Distance   [2020]
anniv2019   [2019]
the Brainwave Project   [... 2019 ...]
Interlocks1   [2018]
nostalgichord   [2018]
terry retire   [2017]
Just-For/comp-seminar   [2017]
FDT pieces   [2016/2017]
fallguitars   [2016]
Secret Meetings   [2016]
SSN   [2016]
vapor   [2016]
paraclause   [2015]
lifelike   [2015]
zoom-fun   [2015]
longdue   [2015]
bradabels   [2014/2015]
pre-class   [2014]
Congress in Action   [2014/1985]
Lian/Itay Wedding Music   [2014]
BGSU pieces   [2014]
...DESU   [2014]
g60   [2013]
craicness   [2013]
fununks   [2013]
TSPACE   [2013]
daniel-trace   [2012]
continuance   [2012]
through   [2012]
transplant-wait   [2012]
the Majas   [2012]
sometimes chords   [2011]
nor   [2011]
GuitarMiller   [2011]
RAP-event-2011   [2011]
City Soundings   [2011]
manta-iphone-vatech   [2011]
Some Parts I Like   [2011]
fallpiece   [2010]
guitar-process   [2010]
I Gotta Guitar   [2010]
inside-snow   [2010]
mantadue   [2010]
mantafantasies   [2010]
aug09   [2009]
Counterdrift   [2009]
PGTGTr at "Welcome Sound"   [2009]
The Infinite Recursion of Joy   [2009]
homesounds   [2008]
GTr pieces   [2008]
ACMC2007 Keynote Event   [2007]
ssssand   [2007]
mm-pieces   [2007]
PGT pieces   [2006...]
summer2006   [2006]
mando::summer   [2006]
look-ma-no-hands   [2006]
Idle Swamp   [2006]
gods   [2005]
guns   [2005]
gresponse5   [2005]
gresponse4   [2004]
lian-summer-echoes   [2004]
gresponse3   [2004]
For Jonathan   [2004]
gresponse2   [2004]
gresponse1   [2004]
Good News   [2004]
fog   [2003]
mellowbrad   [2002-3]
16   [2002]
newsoundsramadan   [2002]
Chapter 16   [2001]
Silence in September   [2001]
D-ness   [2001]
Connection Piano   [2000]
Atmen   [2000]
c-t   [2000]
Infralong   [2000]
Terry and Amy Music   [1999]
I am Dying   [1999]
reRefuge   [1998]
rePphage   [1998]
Small Pieces   [1998]
Dan's Toys   [1997]
Dan's Toys (ambient)   [1997]
Three Hopeless Songs   [1996]
Piano Piano   [1995]
Good Leadership   [1994]
Southside Silence   [1993]
Soon   [1993]
Stay   [1993]
Gather to   [1992]
Home Guitars   [1992]
Almost Real   [1991]
John&Brenda Music   [1991]
Rough Raga Riffs   [1991]
Stead   [1991]
HA! doodely doodely   [1990]
Two Small and Quiet Piano Pieces   [1989]
MIDLisp-dulcimer   [1989]
Sleeps All Night   [1989]
Approximate Rhythms   [1988]
There's no place like Home   [1987]
Wasting   [1986]
Definite Time, Definite Place   [1985]
Hwang Hu Lo (The Yellow Crane Pagoda)   [1985]
Many Guitars   [1985]
Hens Flying Overhead   [1984]
Loochsong   [1984]
Obligations   [1984]
Relationships   [1983]
Wedding Music   [1983]
Building Music   [1983]
Columbus Music   [1983]
Hair Cells   [1982]


These are standalone applications intended to generate music. Some work well, others probably don't. Often I used these to try new programming approaches, etc. But I also like the sounds.

My Places (beta)   [2019/2022]       Windows Macintosh
Memory Book   [2014]       Windows Macintosh Android iPhone/iPad
iLooch   [2010]       iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
My Book of Dreams   [2008]       Windows Macintosh
hohoho2dmatic   [2007]       Macintosh
dlooch   [2007]       Macintosh
mm-2(snow)   [2007]       Windows Macintosh
hohoho2-matic   [2006, updated 2007, updated 2010]       Windows Macintosh
dm   [2006]       Macintosh
auld-o-matic   [2005]       Windows Macintosh
hohoho-matic   [2005]       Windows Macintosh
My Music Book   [2002, updated 2007]       Windows Macintosh Unix
jnissa   [2001]       Windows Macintosh - Unix
jlooch   [2001]       Windows Macintosh Unix
ambishape   [2001/2?]       Macintosh
mnissa   [2001]       Macintosh
mlooch   [2000, updated 2010]       Macintosh
fredspace   [1998]       Unix (obsolete -- SGI IRIX)
crudelooch   [1997]       ( Windows Macintosh Unix), under RTcmix
loochlisp   [1997]       ( Macintosh - Unix), under RTcmix
Reich-o-Matic   [1992]       NeXT, ( Windows Macintosh Unix), under the contemporary MusicKit
ChaosaKitty   [1991]       NeXT
Looching   [1990]       NeXT, ( Windows Macintosh Unix), under the contemporary MusicKit

earlier music

These are links to pages containing music from my "Hoosier punk" days, roughly 1978 -- 1982. This is only a small representation, for a lot of the work I did was collaborative or producer-type work. I didn't feel comfortable deciding on my own to make many of these pieces publicly-available, because other creators were involved. In fact, most of these were done with other musicians, and if any of you (hey there!) run across these and would prefer I take them off, please let me know! I have kept password-protection in place, but the login ids and passwords are listed below.

Most of this work was done at Zounds Productions, a recording studio and production facility I co-owned with Rick Thomas. A few summers ago, Dave Fulton (one of my primary partners-in-crime for these pieces) and I catalogued and digitized a number of the tapes we had in our posession, but there are still quite a few left to do.

Boy this music was fun to do, even though life back then was pretty random sometimes. The ordering of the links below is pretty haphazard.

The 3-O Band (Observers Observing Observables)
X-S (XAX/Science)
We're Jimmy Hoffa
The Last Four(5) Digits
The Christian Lepers from India

Still missing: some random pieces I did on my own in our studio, plus a lot of earlier tapes I made as an 'experimental' duo called Accept the Bop with Greg Horn. Plus all the improvised and live stuff mentioned earlier.