My Book of Dreams

After the stunning success [yes I am being ironic] of My Music Book, the integrated music/text thing I wrote during my last sabbatical (2001-2002), I thought for my 2007-2008 sabbatical I would write another integrated music/text thing, only this time even more so! (Does that even make sense?) That's what faculty-on-sabbatical are supposed to do, right? Either that or travel to strange and exotic lands for "research" purposes, but aiport security just makes me too sad now.

So here it is, with NEW! IMPROVED! features like snazzy new sounds and fun little graphical entities, all reflecting a set of texts describing different dreams I've had through my life:

The big disclaimer, again: I'm much more a composer than an author. I do like the sounds! For the geekily-inclined, I programmed this using the Max/MSP/Jitter software package from Cycling '74. Most of the sounds and the performance/algorithmic music models in the application are realized using the [rtcmix~] and [maxlispj] objects I added to the environment. None of the sounds are sampled; the shawm-like instrument heard is a modified Perry Cook physical model I coded. It is being performed by a bunch of LISP functions.

If you're interested in seeing the source (Max/MSP patches), here it is:

I hope you enjoy My Book of Dreams! Let me know what you think, if you want.

Brad Garton
Fall, 2008