Observers Observing Observables

updated 6/2003

The 3-O band consisted primarily of Dave Fulton and Brad Garton (hey, that's me!) goofing around at Zounds recording studio, drafting various other individuals into our nefarious audio schemes. Mike Behnke wrote and performed many of the 3-O lyrics. His brother David was the featured lyricist/performer on Expiration Date. Occasionally we would just grab a newspaper and read an article for the text (Shah Song).

The title of the band came from the title of a poem Dave and I saw in Physics Today magazine, penned ostensibly by a rhapsodic physicist reflecting upon wood. The poem in its entirety forms the call-and-response lyrics for Pirate's in the Congregation.

3-O/Hardly Music EP

1. Watch Out for the Other Guy 2. Babalu No More 3. Expiration Date 4. Remodel Yourself 5. The Shah Song (short version)


1. The Shah Song (long version) 2. Evasive Answers to the Eternal Question "Why?" 3. Drone Song I 4. I Have Rental Car 5. I Really Wish You'd Put Some Clothes On 6. Everybody Should Be From Gary 7. No Thought 8. 1st Delay 9. Radioactive Cartoons 10. Family Reunion/Pirate's in the Congregation 11. Drone Song II 12. Summer Emotion

The Special Bonus 3-O Web Page Thing!

Not too long ago, Dave sent me a CD with dubs of a lot of the above music included. Click here to see my response to this blatant act of self-piracy. (CAVEAT: Not all browsers seem happy with the java version of the 3-O theme poem included on this special bonus page. Sorry.)

What was on that CD that Dave sent?

These are the songs that aren't included above...

1. Next Available Date 2. Germans Playing Foosball 3. Banging Your Head 4. I Wrote This Song For You 5. I Sold My Soul to Fotomat 6. Commuters 7. I Really Do Miss You

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