[this is the looch!]

iLooch is an iPhone/iPod-touch application designed to generate evolving ambient sounds. The music is not "sampled"; it is instead created by generative and algorithmic rule-sets coupled with various synthesis techniques. They'll go on forever and ever! (well, at least for a few hours...) Because the music is being constructed on-the-fly, each time it plays it will be slightly different. Such is life.

I used a synthesis and signal-processing code library based on RTcmix to realize the audio (yes, Apple, it is compiled entirely using XCode Tools), including many physical-model algorithms to produce the snazzy sounds. For those interested in such things, the iPhone/RTcmix code is here. It was like the proverbial Trip Down Memory Lane to code this app using the Interface Builder and Objective-C, as I did the first "Looching" to learn the [then new] NeXT MusicKit many years ago (see below for a link to the history and various looching programs). Although all of the iLooch musical algorithms were built for this app, I did base a few of them on code from previous looching programs, listed in that link below.

[note: iLooch will also run on an iPad, but I have a more extensive version under development for the iPad.]

How Can I Get Those iLoochey Sounds?!?

How does it go?

The Ancient History of iLooch

Visit here to read of the looching legend and the associated adventures. There are other apps to be had, too.


Please feel free to send me comments, etc.: Brad Garton (garton - at - columbia - dot - edu). Every once in a great while I randomly answer a bunch of stacked-up e-mail. Also be sure to visit the Computer Music Center home page. It's a fun place!

I hope you enjoy this stuff!

-- Brad Garton, 6/2010