[this is not the looch]

dlooch is a little Mac OS X Dashboard application using RTcmix to generate evolving ambient sounds. They'll go on forever and ever! And ever! Implementing the "looching" concept as an OS X Dashboard app seems somehow appropriate, as I did the first "Looching" to learn the [then new] NeXT MusicKit many years ago (see below for a link to the history and various looching programs). I realize that dlooch is a little beyond the design intent of dashboard widgets because it does run an Actual Program, but the CPU and memory load is fairly lightweight. Oh these fast computers nowadays...

Put The Looch in My Dashboard!!

How does it go?

The Ancient History of dlooch

Visit here (or click on one of those CONVENIENT visit-the-web-sites long buttons above) to read of the looching legend and the associated adventures. There are other apps to be had, too.


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I hope you enjoy this stuff!

-- Brad Garton, 10/2007