At the end of the written music for 16 I wrote this text:

When my mother turned sixteen, my grandfather (Alfred Hicks, a musician
and composer -- Grandpa Hicks played oboe/english horn with the St. Louis
Symphony for 44 year) surprised her by arranging for a dance band of
his friends to play a piece he had composed for the occasion.  It
had lyrics and a delightful melody.  I found the music for this piece
when I was younger, never quite realizing what it would be for me to
have my own daughter turn "sweet sixteen".  I wanted to do something
special for Lian's sixteenth birthday, and I thought of Grandpa's
music.  The melody for 16 is based on the music written for
my mother back in 1950.  Happy Birthday, Lian!

16 was never performed until next-door neighbor Alan Mallach asked me for some music to program for a piano concert as part of the Roosevelt Arts Project 25th Anniversary Celebration. Here it is, now a decade later. My "sweet sixteen" girl is all grown-up, planning her own wedding as I write this.