Here is the latest 'beta' build (as of May, 2023) of my Big VR Project. I've added three more locations to the original four, and I think this will be it for now. So if this all works ok, I'll set it up for people all over Zee Vorld to download it. Hopefully they will! So feedback/comments are very much appreciated.

This is meant to be a music app, and it also serves as a demo-of-sorts of what uRTcmix can do within Unity.

There are now seven locations, two scenes in each. Each one of the scenes is a remembrance from a place that had resonance in my life. To get to the second scene in each location, search for the Mystic Portal (what's a VR app without Mystic Portals?). The portal will transport you to a separate location and/or time . Also: each location features at least one model of one of Jill's pottery pieces.

The places:

Here are the downloads. You will need reasonably fast machines to run this, and a decent graphics/GPU card on Windows machines is almost a requirement. OSX machines don't have graphics cards -- yet -- so generally you will need to select "medium" or lower graphics quality on Apple machines. Sorry!


on the keyboard: You will go forward in the direction you are looking.

If you use an Xbox controller:

The HTC Vive controllers:


  • For the HTC Vive system, I think I have the height resetting correct for all scenes, but there may still be some minor problems (like you may be viewing things too low or too high). Let me know if you encounter these situations. I won't have a chance to check out the Vive settings until I get back to NY in a few months.

  • I don't know if this will run on an Oculus Quest or not. I think it should if you use the 'tether'. I'm pretty certain it won't run standalone on the headset by itself.

    Other headsets? Dunno...

    For Apple users: if OSX does pop up the message saying "this app is damaged" or some nonsense like that, don't believe the stupid things that Apple says! It is not damaged, but they're trying to get everyone to use their STUPID app store.

    First try holding the "CONTROL" key and clicking on the app. It should pop up a menu. Choose the "open" selection at the top to see if it will run. If it doesn't:

    Brad Garton
    May, 2023