hardware:   Apple PowerBook G4/OSX
software:   RTcmix, max/msp ([rtcmix~]) Digital Performer 4

Out of the blue, my friend Gregory Taylor started sending me CDs containing long, wonderful improvisations he had been doing. I really enjoyed his music, and instead of writing a dopey e-mail message saying hey Gregory I really enjoyed your music I thought I might better express my appreciation by APPROPRIATING THAT MUSIC and using it as if it were my own. So there, you Gregory Taylor you!

After sending Gregory the first "response", he sent me back another CD. I began to think of these as being part of a very time-extended jam, where 'trading fours' took place over the course of four months or so. The exchange gives me a chance to try out new signal-processing tricks, etc. by having a set of sonic materials already present to work upon. The exchange is a little asymmetrical in that Gregory's pieces tend to be about 40-60 minutes in length, where mine average about 7 minutes. I guess I've become one of those fast-talking East Coast Nyoo Yahkuhs now.

Here are a few comments on the individual pieces: