hardware:   Apple MacBook (intel)/OSX
software:   RTcmix, Apple Logic Pro

Terry Pender wrote a set of three really lovely and quiet pieces earlier in the summer (2009). I'm not sure about an on-line link to them, write Terry [mando - at -] if you'd like. I had also been listening a bit to a CD of Bach's Art of the Fugue that Gregory Taylor had sent me shortly after I first learned of my multiple myeloma a few years ago. The Bach + Terry's music combined to make me want to do something quiet and counter-pointish. This piece is the result.

I've also been spending a fair amount of time working with other computer-music languages and environments, and I wanted to work again pretty much entirely in RTcmix. Hey, I like that language! So except for the mixing and some DSP-processing in Logic, it's just like the work I did in the Olden Days.

One more thing: I announced this piece on the RTcmix-discuss mailing list, and one of the members asked to see the scorefiles I used to make the piece. They can be downloaded (along with the two source soundfiles I used for processing) by clicking this link: (about 53 Mbytes).