hardware:   Apple PowerBook G4/OSX
software:   RTcmix, max/msp ([rtcmix~]), SPEAR, Digital Performer 4

After I was unable to attend Ben Broening's Third Practice '05 festival because I was recovering from (apparently) Legionnaires Disease, I decided to go ahead and do a "studio" version of the piece. A lot of the piano processing, including the snazzy harmonic-glissandos at the beginning, were done with simple programs I wrote to operate on data from Michael Klingbeil's wonderful SPEAR analysis/resynthesis program. I used some of these programs as the basis for the last few weeks of my Computer Music I graduate seminar (Fall 2005) -- you might be able to find them on-line by scanning through the old class pages at the CMC courses web site.

I've really been enjoying doing these 'laptop folk' pieces, even though I suspect(!) I'm not the great singer-songwriter I'm pretending to be :-). I realized that I've been extraordinarily lucky in that I can do pretty much whatever kind of music I'd like to do as part of my job at Columbia, so I figured I might as well do music that my family and friends might enjoy. Me too!

The words: