Piano Piano

hardware:   NeXT machine
software:   cmix, rt

This was the last piece I completed on the grand old NeXT cube at home. I worked on a subsequent piece using a recording of Lian on the phone hearing the news of her brother's birth, but I never finished it. Somewhere I still have the recordings for that piece.

The piece is a celebration of the sounds from the wonderful Steinway piano I inherited from Alfred Hicks, my maternal grandfather. The piano was built in 1906, and Nana and Grandpa kept it in top condition. I've used it in a lot of pieces (and do most all of my composing on it), but this piece was built entirely from resonances and layerings of the sound of this terrific instrument. The singing of the strings after a chord has been struck is sheer aural delight for me.

I had lost my original recording of this piece. Chris Bailey really liked it, and somehow a copy wound up (I think through Chris) into Doug Geers' hands. He gave it to me on a CD, and I was able to recapture it. As far as I know it has never been "presented" anywhere.

For those that enjoy this kind of information: I used a variation of Craig Reynolds' flocking algorithm to generate some of the note-sequences in the middle (signal-processed) part of the piece.