hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, Eurorack modular system, Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar
software:   Apple Logic Pro X, RTcmix, Brad's virtual modular synth

Sometimes it's great fun just to make sounds. The modular system I got invites this make-sound exploration, and I've been taking advantage of the invitation. These pieces are the early results. Except for the heavily sequenced (see the text about it on the original web page) first little piece, modpiece1, I decided to do something not too typical of a modular system -- if such 'typicality' exists. Although building long drones is fairly typical. But they sound different! Ha!

I also used this as an excuse to mess with my "virtual modular synth". Interesting sounds from that, too. Surprisingly un-RTcmix software-synth-like. New worlds to explore.

Jumping back into the analog-synth world (I haven't really done much analog work since my recording studio days in the late 70's and early 80's), it's a pleasant realization that I'm using all the gear I desperately wanted when I was in my teens and early twenties. And more, with the software dimension. That dimension didn't exist back then. Dreams do come true, sometimes.

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