hardware:   IBM 3081/(TSO/CMS) mainframe, DEC PDP-11/34 (for digital audio conversion)
software:   MIX

I've got to find a recording of this piece! I recall it being really hysterical. I had digitized a recording of The Looch (our dog), and had done an LPC analysis of it to create a totally bizarre piece. The original was only 5 minutes long, and I wanted to submit it to the Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition, because that was surely the way to great fame and fortune as a computer-music composer. The only problem was that the Bourges Competition required pieces that were at least 7 minutes long. So I digitally spliced in a 2 minute stretch of a time-dilated LPC resynthesis of the Looch's howl. Of course this was the best part of the piece.

You can get a sense of what this might have sounded like in the LPC help-patch that comes with the [rtcmix~] max/msp object.