hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar
software:   RTcmix, Apple Logic Pro X

Although I'd done a lot of good recording in August (these too!), I hadn't composed any pieces on my own since earlier in the summer. The start-up of the term was fairly intense this year (for a range of reasons), and I hadn't had time to sit and make music. I always feel disconnected when this happens, so I spent one Sunday afternoon towards the end of September and created this piece.

I had also been talking with Gregory Taylor about the pressure we feel in contemporary musical composition culture to make something "totally new" each time we compose, and for this piece I decided to throw that concept out the window. I plugged in my guitar, cranked up a bunch of echo and reverb, and recorded...

The intensity of the fall term didn't let up, though. I finished the piece that Sunday afternoon, and it's now been almost a month and I hadn't committed the final version and posted it here. yikes.