The Brainwave Project

hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, various cheap EEG interfaces (like the Muse brainwave sensing headset))
software:   RTcmix [rtcmix~], max/msp

This is an on-going project, hence the ["... 2019 ..."] designation in the listing date. Several things have happened in the past couple of years, though, not the least being the production of our CD. We received a number of nice reviews (google "brainwave music project" and you'll see a few of them). However, we didn't hit the Billboard Top 100. Oh well!

This has been a lot of fun, and I've very much enjoyed working with Dave on it. We're also pursuing some 'spin-off' projects, sonifying DNA, using music as a research tool for other endeavors, etc. People do seem to enjoy this intersection of science and art.