Dan's Toys (ambient)

hardware:   SGI Indy/IRIX
software:   RTcmix, Mix, ceres

I liked the sounds in Dan's Toys a lot, but they went by so quickly in that piece. I slowed them down for this one, putting a lot more space in between. Plus I was messing around with the idea of 'remixing'. I'm a lazy composer sometimes. Well, a lot of the times.

The bells at the beginning of this piece (and also Dan's Toys) came from this strange roly bird-thing that both Daniel and Lian loved as kids. The bell mechanism was encased inside, and as the 5-inch bird-thing tilted back and forth on its rounded posterior it made these sounds. The bass player at the end of this piece and the end of the original was one of my performer style-models. Like I said, I'm a lazy composer. I like to let code write my data for me.