hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar
software:   Apple Logic Pro X, RTcmix, Screenflow (for the video part)

A music video! Oh fun! The piece/video is already starting to be a little 'dated', but such is the nature of political art, I guess. And much of it still rings true. My students in the "Masterpieces of Western Music" class found it and asked me to play it in class. I declined -- they can watch it on their own (and apparently they did).

If anything, the 'republican' (there's those scare quotes again!) party has gotten much worse since this was made. Election denials, the overlooking of Trump's obvious criminality (classified documents on the floor of that ridiculously-named "Mar-a-Lago"), Roe v. Wade... I just don't know what to say. I'm worried, worried, worried that they may take back the government. If not Trump, DeSantis is a horror-show. This is a dark time.

Piece website (with a link to the video):