Small Pieces

hardware:   SGI Indy/IRIX, Sony Multiprocessor HR MP5
software:   RTcmix, Mix, ceres

I hadn't done much computer music for a awhile, and I was feeling frustrated. So I decided to sit down, just like the olden days when I was working at the Zounds recording studio, and crank out a piece each night during the month of August. Well, once I got going it took longer than a single night for each of these, but the few days I spent on each one was once again great fun. I also was using the opportunity to experiment with 'flying' sound out of my SGI and through a processor. I just love to process them signals, and the new Sony unit had some interesting sonic capabilities.

In retrospect, I think these pieces reflect a kind of stasis that I don't think is all that bad. My comments on the individual pieces:

number 1
number 2

number 3
number 4
number 5