We're Jimmy Hoffa

updated 6/2003

Formed after the demise of The Last Four(5) Digits, We're Jimmy Hoffa consisted of Mike Sheets (guitars), Brad Garton (keyboards), Dave Fulton (keyboards) and John Koss (drums). We all sang. We played live a few times. We recorded these songs.

It was either Dow Jones and the Industrials or The Progressive Fascist Pig Band who had a song titled "We're Jimmy Hoffa". Perhaps this band's name derived from that song. But then again, perhaps it didn't.

1. The Travel Song 2. Rock n Roll 3. The Counting Song 4. Staying Alive [from the mega-hit BeeGees/Saturday Night Fever tune]

I wouldn't be at all surprised if these songs weren't copyright 1982 We're Jimmy Hoffa/all rights reserved