The winter holiday season -- great fun, but often great stress. What better way to unwind than to sit back and enjoy relaxing versions of a few favorite holiday tunes! hohoho2dmatic is an Apple OSX Dashboard widget that uses the RTcmix music synthesis language to generate extended variations of several holiday classics, complete with physically-modeled sleigh bells. Happy Holidays!

Let's Hear Them Happy Sounds!!

More hohoho2dmatic Information

hohoho2dmatic implements as a Dashboard widget the standalone hohoho2-matic application (for both Mac OSX and Windows XP). I recently cobbled together a generative ambient-music-producing widget called dlooch, and it seemed like a fun idea to do the same with hohoho2-matic. So I did.

Both of the hohoho2's (as well as dlooch and the original hohoho-matic) use no sampled sounds, relying instead on synthesis algorithms such as physical modeling, many created by my good friend Perry Cook. This gives the software the capability to present new timbral combinations as the music unfolds, if that sort of thing matters to you.

Daniel Garton wrote the musical variation I use as the theme for We Three Kings several years ago, age 11 or 12 at the time.

These little applications really serve no good useful purpose. But I really like things like the little snowflakes on the back of the hohoho2dmatic widget. Such is the state of my life these days.


Please feel free to send me comments, etc.: Brad Garton (garton - at - columbia - dot - edu). Every once in a great while I randomly answer a bunch of stacked-up e-mail. Also be sure to visit the Computer Music Center home page. It's a fun place!

I hope you enjoy this stuff!

-- Brad Garton, 11/2007