hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar
software:   RTcmix, Apple Logic Pro X

This is another piece I did "for fun", one of my feeble attempts to pretend I'm young and rock-n-rollish again. I believe I'm getting a little better at playing my guitar, though. I'm not sure what I think of this one. It's "for fun", but maybe it isn't that fun. I started and wrote most of it back in August, 2015, about nine months ago. I was feeling particularly low at the time. It was also difficult to get the music to cohere in the way I wanted. And then things got hectic at Columbia, and then this, and then that. This piece sort-of 'blocked' me a little, too. Although I did one computer-musicey-soundscapey piece last fall (lifelike), and I finished another "for fun" piece over the holiday break last year (paraclause) and I did a few improvisation sessions (GL-CMC-jan2016, PGCam-CMC-march2016), I felt like I had to get this one finished before I could start working on other personal music projects. So I finally did.

April, 2016