PGTGTr: Roosevelt Arts Project "House Tour"

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NOTE: additional mixes with more of the 'live' instruments (mandolin/fiddle/dulcimer/etc.) coming in the FUTURE!

poster by John Shahn

I like the town where we live. The final Roosevelt Arts Project event of the 2008-2009 season was a combination house-tour and sound-installation exhibition. Based on an experiment we did a few years ago here in Roosevelt (the "Art Walk in the Woods", a description of it is here), we decided to try a more extended event. Friend/artist/neighbor Victoria Estok did a marvelous job of coordinating artists from Columbia, Hunter, and Princeton with a courageous group of Roosevelt home-owners willing to lend their homes to become 'sites' for 'site-specific' sound-sculptures and musico-artistic activities. Literally hundreds of people visited our town on a sparkling day; a truly wonderful event.

We chose to use our home as a venue for a laptop-folk-band performance extravaganza. Gregory Taylor decided to fly out from Madison, Wisconsin, thus forming the "PGT" core. We also asked our good friends Darwin Grosse and Dan Trueman to join in a "supergroup", and surprisingly they both agreed. (Darwin trekked all the way from Colorado to join in!) So we set up out in our back yard and just played and played and played. What a time! What a life!

Here are links to photos of the event, and of the party we hosted (thanks Jill!) afterwards:

and here are a few links to newspaper articles and info about the event:
Wiska Radkiewicz made a nice video of the day, about 18 mins long. She did it several years ago, but I'm just now getting around to linking it here (June, 2011):