Mr. Science Songs

updated 6/2003

These are songs I (hey, me... the person who is typing this into my computer right at this very moment: Brad Garton!) did for fun on an old TEAC A2340 (4-channel/7.5 ips/7" reels) back c. 1978-79. Except where noted, I played all them thar musical-type instreements meself. Hyuck, hyuck!

Goofy stuff -- what can I say? I was an engineering/science major at Purdue University. You write what you know, you know.

One tune that is missing is the song Hey, Mr. Science that appeared on the Red Snerts compilation record. I'm not sure where the master tape for that song is. Oh well.

Science Songs

1. The Number Song guitar: Greg Horn 2. Mutant Humans 3. Sociobiology 4. Half the World Must Die

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