Heavens to Betsy! A new one!

Hey Meester Taylor -- this one is from ent::run, a most fabulous patch o' sound.

And heeere's the next one, sound taken from occident::overlap, another truly wonderful piece from the gregorymeister.

Finally, I think I've beaten this dead horse to water until the dog done hunt. Abstractions of abstractions, and a slice of my life this past summer (2004).

I think I've about reached the zenith on this one, but ya never know. Send more sounds!

Well, it's Christmas-time 2004 and what do you know! but indeed the sounds, they were sent from Madison WI to Roosevelt NJ. So of course I had to do something, this one based on amalgam_1: silicon/bronze:

Special Bonus Christmas Sound for Gregory!!!!!!!

(8.7 Mbyte/7'16" piece I did for Lian)

Ok, this is getting addictive. Or additive. Or addictitative. I never done nothin with amalgam_2: copper/mercury but now (August 7, 2005) that is no longer true: