hardware:   SGI Indy/IRIX
software:   RTcmix, Mix

Our good friend and former neighbor Ana Cervantes had relocated to Guanajuato, Mexico. She managed to connect with Roberto Morales at the University of Guanajuato, and was invited to perform as part of a summer new music festival. She asked me for a piece, and this was the result.

The title is from the Beatles song "Come Together", which I found myself singing in the shower a lot. I think you might be able to recognize the bare-bones outline of the original in the tape part. The piano part is purposefully disjunct from the tape part. I wanted to see how two fairly different musical worlds pasted on top of each other might work. Sort of. Plus it made it easy to coordinate the piano and tape part -- just start the tape and start playing!

Thanks Anita for playing this! We miss you! The MIDI version here sounds pretty terrible -- no expression in the piano part at all -- it just starts bashing away.