The Last Four(5) Digits

updated 1/2006

A follow-up band to The Last Four(4) Digits, The Last Four(5) Digits had two keyboard players (Brad Garton and Dave Fulton), one guitarist (Mike Sheets), one bassist (Julie Huffaker), and one drummer (John Koss). Two of the songs below were originally done by the mysterious 3-O Band, heh heh heh. The band broke up after a grueling tour of happy clubs like CBGB's, Maxwells, the Eastside club, etc. The mp3s below were converted from a CD that Dave Fulton put together called "Backroom" awhile back.

1. Liquids 2. Act Like Nothing's Wrong 3. Babaloo No More 4. Don't Move 5. Mack the Knife 5. I Have Rental Car

These are protected songs -- copyright 1981 Last Four(5) Digits/all rights reserved