[in fact, Nissa the Kitty]

mnissa is another in a series of algorithmic, semi-(or maybe even not-so-semi-)ambient automatic music generating apps that I do to mess around with different music programming languages -- mlooch, jnissa and jlooch are other examples of this. jnissa and jlooch were realized using JSyn, the java-based digital sound synthesis/sig-processing language written by Phil Burk. mlooch was my first attempt to write a complete Macintosh app using the snazzy music DSP/synthesis language Max/MSP from Cycling74. The jlooch page also has links to even older code doing similar kinds of things, including a more chatty "Ancient History" than some of the other pages. I should really try to consolidate these sometime...

The excuse for mnissa was to try learning how to get around jitter, the amazing! astounding! graphics-manipulation package from the happy people at the aforementioned Cycling74, especially after seeing some of the eye-popping marvels that Luke DuBois showed off in our classes at the Computer Music Center and incorporated into his doctoral dissertation.

Whoa, boy! I sure got carried away with hypertext links in the above short description.

Yikes! I have to stop doing this!!!!!!!

Sound... Graphics... oh I am So Excited!

Negotiating the Intensely Complicated User Interface

There are buttons. Click on them. There are menu items, too.

The Ancient History of mnissa

Those Semi-Silly Answers to Semi-Silly Questions


Please feel free to send me comments, etc.: Brad Garton (garton - at - columbia - dot - edu). Every once in a great while I randomly answer a bunch of stacked-up e-mail. Also be sure to visit the Computer Music Center home page. It's a pleasantly stimulating place!

From the JSyn guy (Phil Burk): Random Cool Links