City Soundings (collaboration)

hardware:   Apple MacBook (intel)/OSX
software:   Digital Performer 5
plus whatever other participants used...

Two good friends of mine, Wiksa Radkiewicz and Andrea Cohen, have been doing networked projects for the past several years (Sound-Son). Most of their work has been with kids, but they had an opportunity to do a networked/collaborative music composition as part of the 2011 Radiophonic Creation Day. They contacted fifteen people (including themselves) to work on an "Exquisite Corpse"-like project using sounds each of us recorded locally. This was the initial invitation that they sent to the participants:

We were then instructed to create a 'bank' of sounds to be used in the final piece-construction:

After we had all uploaded sounds to a central server, we then began constructing the piece in an order randomly-assigned by Wiska and Andrea. I was the penultimate composer, the ordered listing of composers involved was as follows: I was really pleased and impressed with the final results: and it was indeed broadcast during the "Radiophonic Creation Day". Yay!