hardware:   Apple MacBook (intel)/OSX, various wind chimes
software:   RTcmix, SuperCollider3, Apple Logic Pro

We had several amazing snowstorms this (2009/2010) winter. I managed to miss several of them through travel, but I was home for a parrticularly intense one in February. Check out the pictures here. I wrote about it in my good ole mm-blog, too.

I made some recordings of the snow, an excerpt is linked in my blog, the recording here. I didn't use any of the recordings for this piece, choosing instead to 'model' my impression of snow falling. I also wanted to dust off my SuperCollider skills for class, so this provided a nice opportunity. I used SC3 for a lot of the 'icy' sounds -- although I can't recall if I used the native program or my [sc3~] Max/MSP object.

We lost power at one point, but I was able to get this music done. I love this photo, taken during the power-outage:

You can see the candles reflected in the windows.