In May, 2008, our daughter Lian graduated from Brown University with a degree in Computer Science. With honors! And an award for her senior thesis paper! Oh our little girl Lian... now out on her own working for in Seattle... time goes; life is good.

We all had given her a few graduation gifts, dinners, etc. and my parents had produced a nice framed picture of our house (which she can now refer to as 'her childhood home') in Roosevelt, NJ. I thought about doing something to complement that gift, and I decided to do a piece based on the sounds of springtime around our home. I did two versions, one with a piano part added -- silly composer dad -- and one of just the source recordings. Most of the sounds were recorded from inside Lian's room (pictured above).



We miss you, Lian! We are so happy for you!
Much love and goodness your way...