HA! doodely doodely

hardware:   NeXT machine
software:   cmix

I wrote this piece for Steve Mackey, because he's like a rockin' electric guitar dude, ya know, who can, like, read music and, like, play it real good.

Unfortunately the tape part is on a PCM-beta tape somewhere, and I'm not sure if I can retrieve it. I don't think I ever got a recording of Steve playing it. He was terrific. I do recall that I used digitized recordings of my good old Wurlitzer electric piano and our upright piano at home for the tape part. The Wurlitzer is probably responsible for my slide into music as a career. My maternal grandfather got it for me as a birthday present in 8th grade. Armed with this instrument, I was sought-after to join various youthful rock bands. And from there to academia...

(music here if I can find it)