Coronavirus Pieces

hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar (with e-bow),
              Steinway piano, kalimba, Sure MOTIV mic + iPhone (for field recordings)

software:   Apple Logic Pro X,, RTcmix

The initial website (see below) for these pieces says most of what went into their creation. They turned out to be some of my more 'popular' (like, maybe 100 people listened...) recent pieces. The timing was right, and they seemed to fit with the suspended-time stasis we were all feeling during the pandemic. Here's a small fun-fact: many of the long tones were created by playing single 'plucks' or 'clusters' on the kalimba and then stretching them out to about 100x the original length. I used the amazing '' randomized FFT processing to do this, along with some RTcmix-ing.

I thought about not putting all twelve of the constituent pieces on my main music page, but I decided to include them in the main listing because they do reflect how the final 'suite' came together. Plus they also do work as standalone little pieces, I think.

I still haven't done much of the 'good work' I mention on the piece website, except make more music. And survive, I guess.

The main website for these: