hardware:   Apple MacBook Pro, our piano, various percussion instruments (etc.), Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar
software:   Amadeus sound editor, Apple Logic Pro

Every once in awhile I just feel like making some fairly straight-ahead, standard, olden-days recording studio pieces. This time I wanted to do some funk-like stuff, but didn't quite succeed. The pieces that resulted are kind of fun, though. The fununks name was intended to be for the "funky" pieces, and I had planned to do four of them. After finishing two, I got distracted by other work.

F1 is pretty obviously about getting older. Our nest is now empty. F2 isn't quite so obvious. The words came from recalling what it was like to be in the isolation room at Weill-Cornell hospital during the initial stages of my stem-cell transplant. Looking out the window, watching people walking below, I realized that if I went there I would most certainly die an unpleasant death. My immune system had been totally destroyed as part of the transplant procedure. What a thing! There I was. I also was thinking about "fame" and such. Strangely there is a connection between that and the stem-cell experience. I wondered about making the 'verses' of the song all from crowd-noises I found on the web. The "amplified speech" at the end is me; pretty silly words too (and I'm not gonna post 'em here).