hardware:   Apple MacBook (intel)/OSX, Gibson Epiphone "Les Paul" guitar
software:   RTcmix, Amadeus sound editor, Apple Logic Pro

Fun with faux-minimalism. This is another stem-cell-transplant recovery piece, done while waiting for my "100 days" to be up and I can rejoin humanity. I wanted to do something 'physical', so I plugged in my guitar and wiggled my fingers. The work on this one was interrupted part-way through by a gallbladder infection, not fun at all (more info in my blog for those who want the whole happy story).

The timing gets a bit strange at times -- this is because I'm not a very good guitarist. But I enjoy pretending! I decided not to try to "fix" the time-drift because there are periods where life is just kind of unfocussed.

Not too much in the way of heavy DSP or synthesis in this one. It's pretty much just the drifting guitar.