program note

Usually I have something I'd really like to say about a piece that
I've written -- not so with "D-ness".  I do get a kick out
of listening to it, perhaps from hearing amazing hammered-dulcimer
bluegrass players in my youth (the piano part reflect this style
of performance), or maybe because I enjoy the range of synthetic
timbres now readily available on typical home computers.  For those
who care about silly high-modernist nonsense, this is my reaction
to so-called spectral music.  You could think of this as a "spectral"
piece, since most of the dynamism in the computer part comes only from
timbral shifts.  I am indebted to Perry Cook and Dan Trueman for
developing the physical-modeling synthesis algorithms that made these
digital sounds possible.  The piece was originally commissioned
by the Moebius Ensemble, and  I'd like to thank Deborah Bradley for
giving me a good excuse to write it.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!