hardware:   original Macintosh computer, Yamaha TX802 synthesizer
software:   MIDILisp

I had just purchased a small Macintosh computer and some synthesizer hardware (the Yamaha TX802 synthesizer) for use in our new "MIDI Music Production Techniques" class (soon to become the most popular class offered by the Music Department at Coumbia!). I did this piece to explore the capabilities of this setup, and to find a way to program the setup so that I could teach students something more than just the commercially-available MIDI software. This is a somewhat algorithmic piece, going sequentially through all the default timbres available on the TX802. A large portion of the piece sounded like a synthetic 'hammered dulcimer', hence the title.

I have a clear memory of listening to this piece while driving up to Columbia. I was on the western spur of the Turnpike, the air was clear and suprisingly fresh. It was a spring day, mid-morning. The trees were just starting to turn new-green. I think things were good.