Stanko Juzbasic's Home Page

This page is dedicated to the efforts in developing free research & educational audio and music software in partnership with the Columbia University CMC.

I compose music, write computer code, design sounds and flirt with theater, multimedia and integrative tendencies in the arts. A while ago, during my Fulbright Visiting Scholar's term here, at Columbia University CMC in New York I got interested in learning bridge the gap between Hello, World-style programming language baby-steps, most of musicians happen to be familiar with, and the actual minimal skills required for writing simple, efficient low level audio and computer music code.

Back in Croatia, a beautiful small country in Central Europe, I continue disseminating what I've learned here, from Professor Brad Garton and few other great artists & scholars I've been lucky to meet, as well as developing my project partly thanks to modest subsidies granted by several institutions of my home country and the EU.

Here's a brief description:

SculptTool is where it started. It's a command line utility which modifies analysis files of IRCAM's AudioSculpt (or Super Phase Vocoder) or Ceres3,  translates them into CMIX score files and much more. It used to work in IRIX, MacOS, MacOSX, BeOS, Linux and LinuxPPC. Few of these systems are retired by now, but the source should still compile. If you are familiar with AudioSculpt,  Diphone or SVP and CMIX, you should have no problem using it.

SculptView is a visual editing program for partials, based on the SculptTool analysis/processing/synthesis engine.

Ceres3 is a modified version of Jonathan Lee's Ceres2.  The package contains precompiled IRIX, RedHat-Linux and LinuxPPC versions, Makefiles, C source and resources which you can recompile for a particular UNIX platform.

RingMod was devised as a simple concert-grade ring modulator , written in C++ and ViewKit, running on IRIX and currenty ported to C / Objective-C, OSX and CoreAudio/CoreMidi.

All other things are as described.

Downloadable Software:

Ceres3 (for IRIX, Linux, LinuxPPC and MacOSX) 

SculptTool (for MacOS and IRIX, experimental for MacOSX, Linux and LinuxPPC) 

SculptView (for MacOS X Intel) 

RingMod (for IRIX and for MacOSX) 

Command line utilities (for OSX and UNIX/Linux) 

Few CMIX "hacks" (for OSX Intel) 

...and few more "extras" with examples (for OSX Intel)