*About SculptView*


0.89x (OSX - x86_64) - (current - stable),
0.69 (IRIX) - (legacy)

Current OSX version has been completely rewritten with the objective of avoiding the X-Window system, and is not source- and GUI- compatible with the legacy version. It is based on GLUT, which is OS independent. It consists only of the binary, compiled in Systems 10.7.5 and 10.10.2, and few test files, so far. Both help pages are now available, for the current version as well as for the legacy version.

What is SculptView

It's a little sine-wave analysis file visualisation, editing, processing and sound resynthesis utility which can import, modify, convert, export and render several audio analisys file types saved in text format. It is based on the SculptTool analysis/algorithmic processing/synthesis engine and OpenGL visualization and interactive visual editing.

What does it do

It reads several formats of partial tracking files, SDIF text files and certain plain text files (the recent version - interactively). Such files can be generated by programs AudioSculpt, Diphone, SPEAR, SVP and Ceres3, but can also be human-made plain text files. It interprets them as sets of partials, which can then get cut, copied, pasted, moved, sorted, scaled, transposed, mirrored, inverted, harmonized, warped as well as artificially generated, also individually manipulated. Modified files can be saved in text format, as well as exported into several analysis formats (LISP, CMIX, SPEAR, SDIF) as plain text files. Entire partials, selected partials, parts of partials and time-snapshot streams can be played live by various means. AIFF audio files can be synthesized from analysis files and exported. Algorithmic RTCMIX score files can be generated and exported from the program.

How to work with it

You need a standard three-button mouse, because of many menu and editing commands which work properly *only* with modifier keys on *each* of the three mouse buttons. This means that "control-left click" is what it is, not a substitute for "right-click", and so is with scrolls, sweeps and drags of all the three buttons. Please scroll down to the help-file link.

Frequently asked questions:

Other questions:
Please report those to  stanko"at"music.columbia.edu

Columbia University CMC for being research host institution.
William J. Fulbright Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia, for partial financial support.
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, for partial financial support.
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, for partial financial support.
Forum IRCAM for presentation, feedback and evaluation.
Dave Topper for memory management tutorials
Xavier Rodet for SDIF related explanations
Mark J. Kilgard, for advice concerning the GLUT library



SculptView is free and can be freely run at own risk. By no means shall I nor can I guarantee that the program will work on your particular machine and system the way you want it. In other words:


If you still feel like trying it out  

download SculptView (MacOS X -experimental-binary only).

SculptView help file

download SculptView (IRIX - X11 legacy version).

legacy version SculptView help file