*About SculptTool*

Current version

0.5.1(MacOS), 0.5.1(IRIX), 0.5.1(LinuxPPC), 0.5.1(MacOSX) 0.5.1(BeOS)

The Linux LinuxPPC and MacOSX versions consist only of binary. If you'd like to have documentation and tutorial, you'd have to download 2.5Megs of documentation as well.

What is SculptTool

It's a little computer music research utility which can import, modify, convert, export and synthesize several audio analisys files saved in text format.

What does it do

It reads partial tracking files, additive analysis files and filtering parameter files. Those files can be generated by programs AudioSculpt, Diphone, SVP and Ceres3. It interprets them as sets of partials, which can then get cut, copied, pasted, sorted, scaled, transposed, mirrored, inverted, warped as well as artificially generated. Partials can also get filtered by means of linear prediction (LPC) files saved in text format and much more.

How to work with it

 It accepts command-line arguments either manually, while running in interactive mode or from a script-file in automatic mode. It has a UNIX-like shell/console interface and works under MacOSX, MacOS, IRIX and Linux so far. MacOS and IRIX versions also have a simple front-end GUI. If you want to explore what to do with it, you will use interactive mode. In the interactive mode the shell displays prompts which direct the user. An extensive on-line help is provided at each step of the work. Once you have your ideas clear, you can write command-line scripts into a score file and SculptTool will process them automatically into a single-algorithm piece.

What kind of hardware is needed

A PowerPC platform with at least 32 MBytes of free RAM (MacOS, LinuxPPC); A G3 or G4 (MacOSX). An SGI workstation running IRIX, with at least 128 MBytes of RAM. You will benefit very much from a speedy machine; SculptTool does a huge amount of floating-point data crunching.  A large and fast hard disk with a few hundred free megabytes is very helpful.

    Operating systems (v. 0.5.1):
    MacOSX: 10.1.2
    MacOS: 8.6, 8.5x, 8.x, 7.6.1 PowerPC
    SGI: IRIX 6.5 with n32 libraries
    LinuxPPC 1999 and up


Please report those to  my e-mail address .

Columbia University CMC for being research host institution.
William J. Fulbright Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia for partial financial support.
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia for partial financial support.
Forum IRCAM for presentation, feedback and evaluation.
Brad Garton for Mentorship
Dave Topper for memory management tutorial
Metrowerks Inc,  for CodeWarrior  Academic
Zlatko Mihalic (University of Zagreb) for programming advice


SculptTool is free and you can freely run it at your own risk. By no means will I nor can I guarantee that the program will work on your particular machine and system the way it should. In other words:


If you still feel like trying it out  
download SculptTool (MacOS binary+tutorial&documentation) 3.6 Meg.
download SculptTool (SGI binary+tutorial&documentation) 3.0 Meg.

download SculptTool (LinuxPPC-binary only).

download SculptTool (Linux -experimental-binary only).

download SculptTool (MacOS X -experimental-binary only).

download SculptTool (BeOS -legacy! -binary only).

download SculptTool documentation (2.5 Meg)

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer is notorious for corrupting binary download files when it does not understand the file extension. Please do not download software from this page using Microsoft Internet Explorer.