*About the Minimal Float Buffer Player*

What it can do?


The app is based on the Float Buffer Player UNIX utility, but equipped with a convenient Objective-C GUI consisting of menu-based file opening, saving, simple processing, metering and playback interface.

On reading raw files, data bytes can be made force-swapped in case there is an endianness issue.

On import, all excessive values are being normalized to fit the legitimate range for audio levels, so no clipping distortion can occur. Possible NaN-values are zeroed. Few simple time-domain DSP operations such as resampling, FM, AM and harmonic distortion (waveshaping) can be performed on the buffer data. Once exported as 32-bit float CAF-format or AIF-format audio files, they can be re-opened, also opened and processed by any audio editor or computer music workstation.




1.0.2 - built and tested in OSX 10.7.5, 64-bit mode, and in OSX 10.10.2.


The zipped file consists of the application and a sample test data file:

here's the link