My Music

Here are some representative samples of the music that I write when left to my own devices.  I teach at the Columbia University’s Computer Music Center where I am the Associate Director.  I specialize in interactive music, improvisation and recording studio techniques with a focus on the history of music production and processing.

Many of my compositions start off as demos that I create for my recording class to demonstrate specific production techniques.  Occasionally I write music for my own solo performance, usually for the mandolin. Like many artists, I tend to work on a series of inter-related compositions.  Here are a few pieces I wrote over the past year around the idea of using music to help heal physical and psychological woes.  These pieces were dedicated to PGT member Brad Garton who has endured an extended illness.  In the midst of this series of compositions that I am calling The Healing I had a horrendous car accident and was almost killed myself.  Give them a listen and put them in your iTunes folder under the genre Healthy.

Here are a few selections fromThe Healing written in 2012.

The Healing_01

The Healing_02