Self-Similar Guns 'n' Roses Midi Synth!!!
How does it Work?

We are often asked how this feat was accomplished. Here is an account of our methods.

First, We took the recordings of several Guns N' Roses songs, from the albums "Appetite for Destruction" (1987), "GN'R Lies" (1988), and "Use Your Illusion I and II" (1991). We sped up these recordings exponentially until the tempo of the song became a pitched frequency. This is generally in the area of 480 times faster than normal playback speed (at this speed a song that lasts 4 minutes would be over in 0.5 seconds). Then we take these short sounds use them as samples to play back midi files of various Guns N' Roses songs. For instance, the GNR Self-Similar version of Sweet Child O' Mine may use the entirety of November Rain as its snare drum sound and the entirety of Patience for a note in Axl's voice. In this way, we can make Guns and Roses songs that are made up of very small Guns N' Roses songs, which could reveal themselves under a sonic microscope, yet are too fast to hear in the actual final product. OK, we know that's not true at all; you lose way too much data in the digital speed-up process. Finally, we mixed the newly created self-similar GNR songs down to mp3 format and posted them here for all GNR fans to enjoy.

Eventually, we hope to take these self-similar Guns N' Roses songs and repeat the process with them to create further levels of self-similarity.