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International Computer Music Conference

September 25th-30th 1997



These are the ICMC97 Paper templates:

bullet ICMC97.ps Postscript Template, Print this out
bullet ICMC97.tex LaTeX file, needs ICMC97Latex.cls
bullet ICMC97Latex.cls LaTeX2e class file
bullet ICMC97Mac.doc Word 6.0x for Macintosh Template
bullet ICMC97W95.doc Word 7.0 for Windows 95 Template


Please download the appropriate file(s) that suits your word processor. Try to conform to the guidelines described therein. Also, please download and print the postscript document in order to have a visible example of how your paper should look like.


Launch your favorite ftp client. Connect to the host: alexandros.csd.auth.gr
Login as user: crc and passwd: crc. Cd to the directory named papers.
Then cd to the appropriate directory depending on the category of acceptance (short, long, demo, studio_report, poster). Then upload your file, and when the file transfer is over please verify that your file is intact by checking the reported filesize after issuing a 'dir' command. Try to use your 8 character paper code number (1234565h.xxx) as part of the filename, and please compress the file using standard archivers (zip, rar, tar, gz, Z) before uploading. Also, please remember to switch to binary mode when transferring the file. After having done the upload send a mail to papers97@alexandros.csd.auth.gr so that we can check the uploaded file(s) and get back to you in case of errors. Finally, please send a printed copy of your paper to our mailing address so that we can verify the exact outlook of your paper before merging it into the Proceedings. The deadline for the ftp transmissions is May 7th, 1997. Hard mail copies must be postmarked by May 7th, 1997.

Alternatively, if your browser supports it, (netscape 3.0 or higher does) you can click HERE and you will be opening directly a connection with the ftp server. Then you can upload your files by simply dragging and dropping your file's icon on the corresponding directory.

We have also secured our server in such a way that nobody can view or download other authors' files so that all copyright and legal issues are handled properly.

The ICMC97 Paper Collection Team .