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International Computer Music Conference

September 25th-30th 1997



ICMC 1997

We want the ICMC to be *the* premiere Conference for the presentation of state-of-the-art music technology. To accomplish this, we are greatly expanding the role of the ICMC Exhibition Hall in 1997. The Exhibition Hall will be the central focus of the 1997 ICMC. The Hall will act as the hub for all Conference events, located directly adjacent to the concert halls, paper session room, and the ICMC Cafe.

For research institutions and individuals with significant research projects, the Exhibition Hall will serve as an area for extended presentation of work beyond the single-track paper session. The non-juried nature of the booths in the Exhibition Hall also gives institutes the freedom to choose the work they feel best represents their current research. The booth design will foster more direct interaction among presenters and attendees -- those desiring information about a particular demonstration or line of research will be able to make appointments to meet at the Exhibition Hall booth.

For commercial vendors and music technology corporations, the revamped Exhibition Hall will offer an unparalleled opportunity to become involved with the fast-growing ICMC. The organization of the Exhibition Hall should appear quite attractive to prospective commercial participants. Important and innovative work done in the industrial sector will receive the same attention as the research coming from academic institutions. Another attractive aspect for potential ICMC exhibitors: the ICMC in Thessaloniki will be happening in close time-proximity to two other major European technology events -- the International Exhibition of Information Systems & High Technology Products (INFOSYSTEM) [September 20-24, 1997], and the European Telecommunication Conference [September 21-28, 1997].

The Exhibition Hall will be open to the public. Being located in a central and easily-accessible part of Thessaloniki, the Exhibition Hall should become a major attraction during the Cultural Capital celebration. We are expecting several thousand visitors to the Exhibition Hall each day!

ICMC97 will provide at least one high-end workstation and one PC-class computer for each booth as well as power, Internet connections and basic audio gear. To offset the cost of these services, we will charge the following rates for booth rental:

Daily rate: 117.500 Greek Drachmas or $ 500 (two day minimum)
5 day rate: 470.000 Greek Drachmas or $2000

These rates include:
for a two day rental one free full registration to the ICMC
for a five day rental two free full registrations for a full five day rental.
(normal cost for each full registration: 82.250 Greek Drachmas or $350).

To reserve space in the ICMC97 Exhibition Hall, see the Booth Payment Form in Registration Forms OR contact:

ICMC '97
P.O.Box 308
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
GR-54006 Thessaloniki

e-mail: icmc97@alexandros.csd.auth.gr
URL: http://alexandros.csd.auth.gr/~icmc97/
phone: (GREECE) 30-31-994760
fax: (GREECE) 30-31-207550

NOTE: All prices have been calculated with the following exchange rate of June 17th 1996:
US $1=235 Greek drachmas.