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International Computer Music Conference

September 25th-30th 1997



ICMC 1997

First Name: _______________________ Last Name: _________________________

If you are not using the ICMC 97 Accommodation Package do NOT fill this form.
(see Accommodation information)

The following room options will be assigned on a first come first served basis.
The number of rooms is limited.

__ ICMC 97 Accommodation Package (Hotel VERGINA and Hotel METROPOLITAN)

__ Single 17.625 Greek Drachmas $75
__ Double (Twin beds) /per person 10.575 Greek Drachmas $45

__ If you require any special facilities for disabilities, please list:



Advanced payment is required for all reservations:

** PLEASE NOTE: We must pay for room reservations by July 1st, 1997; unpaid rooms currently reserved for the conference will not be available after that date. If you wish to use the ICMC 97 accommodation package please register and pay immediately!!!


__ I wish to share a room with:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

__ Please find me a roommate:*
__ Male
__ Female
__ Non-Smoker
__ Smoker
* We will attempt to put you in touch with an appropriate roommate.

Check-in date: ____________________ Check-out date: ____________________

____________ total nights x _____________ per night

TOTAL for Accommodation Request Form: ____________

Payment: Please fill in the Conference Payment Form.

NOTE: All prices have been calculated with the following exchange rate of June 17th 1996:
US $1=235 Greek drachmas.