Sculpture II, Spring 2009

F 10:00A-04:00P
313 Prentis Hall (125th st)
Prerequisites: Sculpture I or permission of instructor

We did it! Thanks again for a super fun class!

Some pics and vids from the final presentations
the light mechanism improvisation


Jon Kessler
Visual Arts
jk342 at columbia edu

Douglas Repetto
Computer Music Center
Office: 318 Prentis
douglas at music columbia edu

Jessica Segal (jts2129 columbia edu)
Naama Tsabar (nt2246 columbia edu)

Course Description

This course explores multi-media installation art methodologies, including digital and analog solutions for creating sound, light and mechanical components. We will use technology as a common theme as we explore contemporary and historical multi-media artworks and learn the tools and techniques needed to integrate the strategies into our own work. The projects are expected to have an engagement with technology that is physical, not purely virtual. We will cover theoretical and historical materials as well as practical, hands-on topics.

In addition to their own artwork, students will be asked to do several research presentations during the term.

Each class meeting will be divided into two parts: classroom meetings in the morning and shop work in the afternoon. Our classroom will be room 313 in Prentis Hall. The shops are the woodshop (3rd floor Prentis), metal shop (5th floor Prentiss), and electronics shop (324 Prentis).

Tentative Class Schedule

Jan 23: Early multi-media and historical machines; Intro to shops
Jan 30: The Switch: electricity, switches, motors; Scary shop tools
Feb 06: Art and the spectacle, early photography and film; Student presentations
Feb 13: Repurposing & reuse; Intro to motors; Taking things apart
Feb 20: Sound art; Arduino basics
Feb 27: "You're Doing It Wrong" screenings; Physics of Sound; Building an Oscillator
Mar 06: Mechanical systems; Improvised mechanical sculpture
Mar 13: Improvised mechanical sculpture; Field trip to Neuberger Museum
Mar 27: Improvised mechanical sculpture
Apr 03: Final project meetings; General shop work
Apr 10: General shop work
Apr 17: General shop work
Apr 24: General shop work
May 01: Final project presentations!

Physical Resources

CMC room 324 has electronics bench, basic tools & supplies for electronics, as well as lockers and a little room for storing projects and working. It's a shared space, so it can't be insane.

Students have normal access to wood & metal shops, with monitors for non-SoA MFAs.

Potential use of equipment (Video cameras, computers, flat screens, monitors, etc.) from the DMC.

Suggested Readings

Physical Computing by O'Sullivan & Igoe

Robot Builder's Bonanza by McComb and Predko

507 Mechanical Movements by Henry T. Brown

Machine Shop Essentials by Frank M. Marlow

Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook (3rd Edition) by Sclater, N., Chironis, N.P. (free PDF text!)

Welding Essentials by William L. Galvery

The Woodworkers Visual Handbook by Jon Arno

The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide by Monona Rossol

Web Resources

Herbach and Rademan: surplus motors, mechanical components, power supplies

All Electronics: surplus electronics, small motors, batteries

McMaster-Carr: new mechanical components, tools