RTcmix: audio processing, buffering

creating an audio processing RTcmix instrument, making formants, time-stretching


We extended our basic CHAOS1 and CHAOS2 instrument from last week's class to allow control of several parameters through PFields. Part of the goal was to employ them in a signal processing chain that made use of the RTcmix bus_config score capability. We were working towards a sound similar to a "pd" patch that Marlon Feld had sent me. Given the screaming/vocal sounds that the class (especially Natacha!) wanted to hear, it seemed a good thing to try.

Here are some links to "pd" web pages (and Marlon's patch) if you want to hear the original Marlon Feld sound:

Class Patches, Discussion and Code

The first thing we did was modify our previous CHAOS1 (logistic map) and CHAOS2 (Lorenz attractor) synthesis instruments to allow dynamic control of equation paramaters. This was easy to do, involving the appropriate changes in the doupdate() method as we have discussed in earlier classes. Here is the source for both instruments:
RTcmix Instrument: SIMPLEMIX

RTcmix Instrument: FORMANT1

RTcmix Instrument: FORMANT3

RTcmix Instrument: STRETCHY