RTcmix: bowed-string model, chaotic oscillators

attempt to make a very simple "bowed string" model, then fun with chaotic equations as audio generators


For the first part of the class, we extended the SIMPLEOSC instrument, adding dynamic frequency control and then phase-resetting. There are no real "links" associated with that, but there are a bunch of fun web sites to visit for the chaos explorations we did in the second part. Here are a few:

Class Patches, Discussion and Code

I won't be going through all the coding involved in the instruments we now develop, choosing instead to emphasize what we did to make them unique. Check the earlier classes to see how the different member functions interact and compiling/running the code.

RTcmix Instrument: SIMPLEOSC (revisited)

RTcmix Instrument: SIMPLEBOW

RTcmix Instrument: CHAOS1

RTcmix Instrument: CHAOS2