RTcmix Instrument Design

clicks and oscillators

Class Patches, Discussion and Code

In last week's class we made a 'click' instrument with the intent being to send the impulse ('click') to a filter in an attempt to model the sound of a frog-guiro I brought from home: However, I was really intrigued by this RTcmix script we use with the BASIC instrument: The fact that each note (each impulse) was spaced between 0 and 0.01 seconds gave the result a quasi-pitched sound. So instead of going through the motions of feeding the output into a filter, instead we created a variant of the instrument designed to produce a regular series of impulses at an audio rate.

RTcmix Instrument: CLICKFREQ1

RTcmix Instrument: CLICKFREQ2

RTcmix Instrument: SIMPLEOSC