Basic RTcmix Instrument Design

how it works -- making a click


We will be doing some C/C++ programming in the class. Our intention is to provide you with enough templates and examples that you can start to work without necessarily becoming an ace C/C++ programmer (I've always found the best way to learn a computer language is just to start using it). If you'd like a more general background in these languages, here are a few on-line resources that seem pretty good: > Here is a link to the RTcmix instrument-building tutorial. It does use an older system, so don't believe everything it says until we get it updated (especially don't use the "gen table" (i.e. makegen) stuff). There are many, mamy, many pages about unix command-line (shell) commands that you can use in Linux terminals or the OSX, but John Gibson has written a nice and concise summary for working with RTcmix, if you're interested in getting around in the Terminal a bit more:

Class Patches, Discussion and Code

I've included the two 'basic' RTcmix instruments we developed in class as atrchives below, but first here are instructions for installing RTcmix for development and how to run it:

Installing RTcmix

Using RTcmix

RTcmix Instrument: REALLYBASIC

RTcmix Instrument: BASIC